how do people live at their parents for so long like 

im back w mine bc i need medical treatment but like i moved out for 5 years

how do people just


im still living with parents bc i cant get a job for a number of medical reasons so you know

dont just judge people bc they never moved into their own place, maybe they dont have a choice


As a general rule, never judge a person’s living situation, because guess what, most people don’t want to live with their parents after 18, but have no choice bc of factors like health, poverty, etc.

(also, thanks for the heaping helping of hypocrisy, OP)

Fan fiction is a way of the culture repairing the damage done in a system where contemporary myths are owned by corporations instead of by the folk.

Henry Jenkins (Director of media studies at MIT)

I agree and disagree with this? I mean, yes, fan fic is great, and it does do that, and I would not trade it for anything.

That said, fan fic also tends to perpetuate a lot of problematic ideas re: romance, women, PoC, LGBT people, and that should also be addressed.

And society is a big influence in that, of course, but we shouldn’t just assume fan fic is a 100% healing balm— we should address the problematic stuff as well, like we would with the primary source.



um so lemme get this straight…tiana starts her own business in a time where black women had next to no rights….mulan pretty much saves china and becomes a top ranking military official….but the annoying sister in frozen makes a throwaway line about being gassy and gets lauded as the the first feminist princess??


There’s no need to make a TNG rec post, it’s got Professor X and David Xanatos and Demona in space, what else do you need to watch at least one episode.

The super serious Kamen Rider in his natural habitat.

The super serious Kamen Rider in his natural habitat.


Harry Kim has a fit after coming home from the Delta Quadrant and finding out that Nog was promoted from ensign before him. In a sweeping move to save face, Starfleet promotes every single ensign to a junior grade lieutenant. However, due to some programming error (Harry Kim was officially declared dead along with the entire Voyager crew at one point, and somehow was never declared officially un-dead), he does not get the promotion. Harry Kim is still an ensign. Harry Kim is the only remaining ensign in Starfleet. Harry Kim is going to snap. This time, Harry Kim is out for blood.

(inspired by this)



oh hi there



oh hi there